Pinus Coulteri

The Coulter Pine!

We recently discovered at RHS Garden Wisley (less than 5 miles from here) a fine example of the Pinus Coulteri, The Coulter Pine!

The Pinus Coulteri was discovered in 1831 by Thomas Coulter (1793-1843), the Irish botanist and physician, who collected plants in Mexico and California. Not a relative I think! Thomas Coulter was the first curator of the Trinity College Herbarium and is also celebrated in The Coulter Garden in his home town.

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RHS Wisley

A larger collection of our photographs from RHS Wisley is available via the following links:

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Also of note at the Wisley site is the Bicentenary Glasshouse under construction 2006/2007 and opened to public in June 2007. See the following links for more information:

RHS Chelsea

We have a large collection of photographs from The Chelsea Flower Show gathered over a number of years.

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RHS Hampton Court

Finally some photographs from the Hampton Court Flower Show: