Port forwarding

Following up on the setting up of reserved IP addresses on a LAN for the purposes of securing IP addresses to particular PCs/workstations that will be hosting servers/services, then it will be necessary to set up port-forwarding of the necessary ports to the particular PCs/workstations hosting the services.

Continuing with scenario described earlier of:

With the LAN IP addresses now reserved it is necessary to forward ports to the appropriate LAN IP address using the Port Forwarding screen. There are some pre-defined applications Services (in the drop-down beginning "AIM"). If the application is there then use this facility to add it to the port-forwarding list, otherwise the Custom Service button needs to be used.

So in our example to set up for the web-server simply select HTTP from the drop-down and insert under "Server IP address" the LAN IP addrs for PC1. The pre-definition should include the appropriate ports.

For the application "mygame" this is not in the pre-defined list so use the Custom Service button at the bottom of the screen. Say mygame uses port 9999 (for any application it will be necessary to consult the documentation associated for the application/game). Using the Custom Service button a screen will come up that will allow the entry of a name for the application plus the Start Port, End Port and Server IP Address. For mygame enter the LAN IP address given to PC2 as the server IP address and enter the port number 9999 in each of Start and End port.

That's about it. The LAN IP addrs assigned to PCs will not change should be able to host a web-server now on PC1 and play "mygame" hosted on PC2.

A very useful site describing how to set up port-forwarding for many router models http://www.portforward.com/cports.htm. Just as useful is www.phenoelit.de/dpl/dpl.html for router maintenance IP addresses and passwords, etc.

In addition the Windows World of Networking site addresses networking for all Windows variants. The XP and 98SE link deals specifically with Networking between WindowsXP and Windows95/98/ME.

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